Where has my motivation gone?

Where has my motivation gone? That's what I keep asking myself -- and frustratingly, not coming up with an answer.

As many of you know, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro -- all 19,341 feet of her -- and summitted on 27 February. I had these grandiose visions while I was climbing that I would come back with killer quads and just dive right back in to training. Buuut it hasn't happened yet. Sigh.

Let's back up for a moment. I had a killer training cycle leading up to the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon and RIchmond Marathon. My big goal, other than finishing two marathons in three weeks, was to qualify for the JFK 50. I've had my eyes set on JFK for a little while, but I knew I could hit the qualifying time at one of those marathons. MCM turned out to be quite warm (yet again!) and I missed the mark there. But, I knew I had it in me to get the mark at Richmond. Fast forward 19 miles and I found myself with my first ever burst blister while running. May seem minor, but definitely didn't love running with a bloody foot. Fast forward to the last 10k and I got my time! JFK 50 here I come!

Except I haven't even signed up and first round of registration closes in nine days. NINE DAYS. So, what's the hold up? Honestly, I wish someone would tell me because I haven't the slightest. 

I haven't stopped running completely, per se. I mean, I have 7 races alone in April (two to go -- hooray!) so miles are still being logged. But no training plan is being followed and no regular training runs have been logged. 

I could come up with a litany of excuses -- malaria (okay, that's a real excuse), transitioning to a new, intense job, learning the schedule of being a DC commuter, etc. but those are easily surmountable things. (Again, maybe not the malaria -- that was a beast.) I've always managed to get back in the training groove -- but not this time. My running is just feeling off -- and I hope I figure out a way to turn it back on.